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Pros and Cons of Glass Cabinet Doors

kitchen remodel with white cabinetry and some glass cabinet doors

Pros and Cons of Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors look great in kitchens! There are also different styles to choose from and you can add lighting! They have many pros to them but they are not for everyone. Here is a list of pros and cons to having glass cabinet doors.


  1. Stylish

Glass cabinet doors are very stylish and look fantastic. They give off a more open feel because you can see more in your kitchen. It allows you to decorate more than just your walls and your counter space. If you have many cabinets in your kitchen…so many that you don’t know what to do with, you should think about getting glass doors and using them to decorate. To add an extra feature, you can put lighting in your cabinets so that even when the door is closed you can see in it at all times. You can turn the lights off when you please but it doesn’t hurt to have some night lights when getting a midnight snack!


  1. Create More Space

Since glass doors are perfect in a kitchen where there are many cabinets, you can take away that old china cabinet or hutch that takes up space in your dining room. You can keep your china in your kitchen but show it off with the glass doors and lighting. Maybe your hutch is filled with miscellaneous decorations that you could also put in your kitchen. This will help you create a more open space elsewhere and anything open will help you feel less stressed.

  1. Easily Find Things

If you would like to have glass cabinet doors and actually utilize the cabinets, it will be much easier to find things. You won’t have to search very hard considering all you have to do is peer through the glass. This is also great if you have guests over often and they don’t know where anything is in your cabinets.


  1. Clean More Often

Unfortunately, with glass doors you will have to clean them more often. Since cabinets are used so frequently and our fingers create smudges, you will most likely get smudges on your doors. This can easily be taken away with glass cleaners, preferably without ammonia.

  1. Clutter

If you need every cabinet in your kitchen because there isn’t enough cabinet space then you might not want to show off what’s inside your cabinets. Between all of the oddly spaced pans and dishes, it is hard to nicely stack everything. Normally those cabinets tend to look like a tornado went off and perhaps showing that off to all of your guests would not be something you enjoy. You can always get around this by only putting glass doors on cabinets that house glasses, plates, or anything else that can be neatly stacked.

Hopefully this will help you decide whether or not glass cabinet doors would be best in your kitchen. Creation Cabinetry has been around for over 30 years and has very knowledgeable designers. Feel free to reach out at any time with questions about what should or shouldn’t go into your kitchen.

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