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Fine Cabinetry Cleaning & Care

pledge may be ruining your cabinetry

When it comes to fine cabinetry cleaning, routine care is important to know. We use Becker Acroma topcoat that offers the highest protection to your cabinetry, it provides superior chemical and common kitchen stain resistance while maintaining color and shine.

The Becker Acroma topcoat requires minimal care and cleaning maintenance. Creation Cabinetry recommends periodic cabinetry cleaning with a mild detergent and water solution to remove dirt, dust, and grease buildup.

Dampen a soft, non-abrasive cloth and wipe entire exterior surface of cabinetry and dry with a soft cloth. Never use a wet cloth that allows water to run down the cabinetry and always dry cabinetry immediately if water is spilled onto the surface of your cabinetry.

When caring for your be carefult not to use certain products that may cause damage from silicones like this pledge natural beautycabinetry be sure not to use abrasive cleansers, ammonia or any other type of harsh chemical. These cleaning agents, they may cause discoloration, scratching, marring and dulling of the finish. We also discourage use of furniture polishes and waxes on finished cabinetry. Due to the silicone found in most furniture polishes, they alter the original shine level and may leave a film on the surface that attracts dust and dirt, these polishes may also cause an irregular or blotchy appearance because they are unable to stand up to many common kitchen stains.

Creation Cabinetry has been creating and maintaining custom cabinetry locally for over 30 years so when it comes to our customers we take pride in knowing that they have a product they will love for years to come.

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