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Five Great Rev-A-Shelf Products to Consider

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Creation Cabinetry has installed a great deal of Rev-A-Shelf products over the years, by doing so, we have had the opportunity to learn which products are the most useful. That being said, these five products from Rev-A-Shelf are great for homeowners that wish to get the absolute most out of their kitchen and allotted space.

We’ll start things out by looking at a Lazy Susan that features collapsable doors to ensure optimal rotation.

Collapsable Corner Lazy Susan


This product offers homeowners the best of both worlds when it comes to Lazy Susans, as the doors are engineered to collapse inward when the unit begins to rotate. This design ensures that the user will be able to utilize the unit without pinching their fingers, a complaint that customers sometimes have. It also helps quicken the process of searching through corner cabinets because the need to open the doors is completely removed from the equation.

Door Storage Mail Organizer

This product is great for people who prefer to stay organized and on top of things. The mail organizer is mounted on the inside of a cabinet door, allowing homeowners to store their mail and important documents in an area that is out of view of the public. In addition to the unit being hidden from the foot traffic in your home, it also does a phenomenal job of utilizing space that would otherwise be wasted.

Mixer/Appliance Lift Mechanism

RAS-ML-HDSC_AThe appliance lift that Rev-A-Shelf offers is a great addition to any baker’s toolkit. Instead of bending over and lugging your heavy mixer out of your pantry or cabinetry, simply open the cabinet that it’s stowed in and pull the mixer lift upwards, which is incredibly easy with the assistance of the built-in springs.

The design makes it so that the appliance lift can easily be raised, however, another nice aspect of the design is how it gently lowers back into its resting position when the task at hand is completed – this is because of the soft-close system that is in place.

K-Cup Drawer Organizer

K-Cup organizers are something that we’ve covered in previous blog entries, which you can read about in more detail here. The units are extremely popular, as they help keep K-Cup collections from turning into a colossal mess. The organizers that we’re covering in this article are the drawer insert units. These inserts ensure that your coffee pods are neatly organized within a pullout drawer, something that people with large collections of K-Cups often find themselves longing for.


Base Cabinet Pullout Container Organizer

Are your plastic containers beginning to form a mountain in a section of your cabinets? Fear no more, as Rev-A-Shelf has introduced a fantastic product to keep your containers in check. The pullout container organizer does a great job of keeping everything in order, which can help improve productivity in the kitchen.

If you’re interested in having any of these Rev-A-Shelf units installed, feel free to contact Creation Cabinetry at (610) 562-4700, or email us at sales@ You can also find more information about these products on Rev-A-Shelf’s official website.

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