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Creation Cabinetry: Kitchen of the Month – May

kitchen cabinets in berks and schuylkill counties pa

Creation Cabinetry has helped hundreds of homeowners bring their dream kitchens to life, which is something that makes us extremely proud as a company. Being able to turn a person’s dream into a reality never gets old and, honestly, it’s a big part of why we love doing what we do.

Now that we’re on the topic of dream kitchens, let’s take a look at one. This particular kitchen resides in Port Carbon, Pennsylvania, a tiny town in Schuylkill County. The kitchen features a number of helpful amenities, and even has two islands to ensure that there is ample room for cooking, conversing, and, most notably, eating.

The beautiful kitchen is spacious and is designed in such a way that allows for the homeowners to traverse the room without having their path blocked in any direction. The openness of the room, while great for functionality and moving from place to place, gives it a sense of freedom – something that is usually not the case in kitchens, as a lot of the time clutter can take over a space.

The first thing we’ll be spotlighting in this post is the set of islands that the kitchen houses. The pair of islands, one light and one dark, do a phenomenal job of balancing out the room in terms of color and contrast. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the islands add a great deal of functionality to the room. Both islands offer their fair share of storage, however , what really makes them important to the kitchen are the appliances that are stowed beneath them.

The island with the cherry finish is the larger of the two and therefore holds the bulky, larger appliances. A warming drawer is one of the appealing features of this kitchen, as it offers the homeowners an excellent place to keep their goods warm and fresh, something that certainly improves the taste and longevity of food items. The lengthy island is also home to an oven, which is extremely convenient when hosting parties and things of that nature – being able to move a casserole or baked good directly from the oven to the serving area undoubtedly cuts down on time and effort.

The second, smaller island is home to an appliance, too, as this is the area of the kitchen that the microwave can be found. By placing the appliances and additional cabinetry in the island, the homeowners were free to eliminate a large portion of their wall cabinets, a decision that makes the room seem larger than it actually is.

Another factor that makes the room seem large, which it really is, is the option to go with white cabinetry throughout the room. Selecting white, or just light colors in general, can give the illusion that the room is larger than it truly is; the glass doors to the outside also aide in this effort.

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This is because the light colored cabinets actually reflect the light, a tactic that makes the space look larger. While, on the other hand, darker colors absorb the light that enters a room, which in turn makes rooms seem smaller than they truly are. The bright colors in combination with the natural light and coffered ceiling make for a spacious, luxurious kitchen.

For additional photos of this kitchen, simply follow this link to the projects tab.

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to reach out to us at or by telephone at (610) 562-4700. You’re always welcome to visit us at our showroom, too, which is located at 557 State Street in Hamburg, PA. We service Berks County, Bucks County, and Schuylkill County homes and businesses, as well as areas located in the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania.

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