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Custom Cabinetry: Hidden Dog Gate

Creation Cabinetry has long been known for our ability to craft the finest custom cabinets in the Berks county and Schuylkill county areas. Countless clients have come to us with requests and ideas that box store cabinets simply aren’t capable of handling, and the topic of this blog is certainly one of them.

This week’s blog entry centers around a hidden dog gate, and the steps that Creation Cabinetry took to turn the idea into a reality. The project, while extremely tedious, turned out better than anyone could have imagined. Without any prior knowledge of the dog gate and it’s whereabouts, it’s nearly impossible to pick out from the rest of the kitchen.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the hidden dog gate in question. Tucked away neatly within the peninsula cabinet on the left hand side is the gate. Held in by touch release magnets, the gate acts as a side panel when it is not in use.

View the completed project here

To utilize the gate, simply push the side panel inwards and release. This will activate the gate. Next, simply pull the panel out, unfold it until it reaches the necessary length, and attach it to the cabinet on the other side of the walk way.

The hidden nature of the dog gate allows homeowners the ability to easily stow it away when it isn’t being utilized. In contrast, if it were a typical gate, you would have to go through the hassle of constantly setting it up and tearing it down just to get into the kitchen.

Additionally, traditional gates aren’t very compact, and can create somewhat of an eyesore when stored in the open. On the contrary, however, with Creation Cabinetry’s hidden gate solution, you simply push the gate back into the depths of the cabinet.

We’ve already covered some of the aesthetic benefits of having a hidden gate such as this, but there are some technical aspects that we have yet to cover. For example, how does the gate stay latched when it is fully extended?

This answer to this question is actually quite simple: magnets. Hidden snuggly beneath the surface of the quartz countertop is a magnet that attaches to the metal strip that resides atop of the gate.

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All in all, the hidden dog gate was a total success. When in use, the gate is very practical. When it is not being utilized, it is visually appealing, as it simply looks like the side panel of the cabinet.

If you would like to gain additional information on this project, or anything relating to custom cabinetry in general, feel free to give us a call at (610) 562-4700. We can also be reached via email at or on one of the many social networks available today: Facebook, Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

From a simple concept to the building process, our team enjoyed the challenge that this project presented. Creating this piece, while difficult at times, was an absolute pleasure.

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