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Creation Cabinetry: Kitchen of the Month – July

Creation Cabinetry has been in business since 1986, meaning that we’ve had the opportunity to install hundreds of kitchens over the years. Every kitchen is different, as each customer has their own set of wants and needs. Some clients have large, open spaces to utilize while building, while others have less space to work with, which means their kitchen will look quite a bit different – this brings me to July’s kitchen of the month, a beautiful galley kitchen outfitted with white cabinetry.

Having a limited amount of space to work with, the customers opted to keep the kitchen layout that was previously in place, however, they still gained a great deal of storage with their new cabinetry. The wall cabinets offer a generous amount of room for storing dishes, plastic containers, and appliances. This just goes to show that galley kitchens, while usually considered tiny and lacking in terms of storage space, can actually provide homeowners with more than enough room to operate and store all of their necessities.

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And while the storage and work space is adequate, and certainly a major plus, it’s the look of the kitchen that really jumps out. The white cabinetry looks phenomenal in combination with the beige subway tiles and granite countertops. The three design elements truly do an excellent job of working together to create a sharp, cohesive look – the white brightens the room and makes it look larger, while the reflective surface of the subway tile offers much of the same.

The color and material choices that the homeowners chose look great and help to (visually) expand the size of the room. This is something that a lot of people aren’t aware of when choosing colors and materials, which is likely the reason most galley kitchens feel tight and restricted. Simply knowing the pros and cons of color choices can go a long way, and this spacious galley kitchen is proof.

Another aspect of this project that brings it to life is the L.E.D. lighting that is mounted beneath the cabinetry. Like the aforementioned color and tile, the lighting helps enlarge the look of the room. More importantly, however, the light does a great job of providing homeowners with a well-lit work area. If you’ve ever prepared food or drinks in dim to dark lighting conditions, you know that it is extremely troublesome, and can cause problems in the work space.

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All in all, the homeowners made a number of smart design choices when deciding on what to include. The overall outcome is a beautiful galley kitchen with ample storage and space to operate.

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to reach out to us at or by telephone at (610) 562-4700. You’re always welcome to visit us at our showroom, too, which is located at 557 State Street in Hamburg, PA. We service Berks County, Bucks County, and Schuylkill County homes and businesses, as well as areas located in the surrounding counties in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

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